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This is my talk page. Talk me.

Hello D. G. Neree 17:59, 28 AkranmenoΓΎs 2010 (UTC)
there isn't very much happening here D. G. Neree 17:59, 28 AkranmenoΓΎs 2010 (UTC)


Hi, I 'm the admin of the Gothic wikipedia and want to become one here too due to the flood of mistakes here. Is it correct that I 've to apply for that in here? Bokareis (talk) 16:12, 5 πŒ°π†π„πŒΏπŒΌπŒ° πŒΎπŒΉπŒΏπŒ»πŒ΄πŒΉπƒ 2016 (UTC)

Welcome to Unsaiklopedia, the Uncyclopedia in Gothic language. Sorry by delay.

Good night, I'm admin and bureaucrat here, I saved this wiki from vandalism but, I am not native speaker of this language. You would request user rights here, but I have power to make it. UncyclopΓ¦diavu'wI’RENAN225contributionsThe best of Spain 23:01, 24 π†π‚πŒΏπŒΌπŒ° πŒΎπŒΉπŒΏπŒ»πŒ΄πŒΉπƒ 2016 (UTC)


Skeirs is a wikifont, can we let it get automatically used here in some way like on Bokareis (talk) 01:04, 9 πŒ°πŒΊπ‚πŒ°πŒ½πŒΌπŒ΄πŒ½π‰πŒΈπƒ 2016 (UTC)