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πŒ·πŒΉπŒ»π€πŒ°:Tutorial for Non-speakers

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Welcome to the Tutorial for Non-speakers.





Download the Skeirs font to watch correctly Gothic characters. Unfortunately, the unique browser that supports this font is the Mozilla Firefox.

Unsaiklopedia Skeirs Firefox.jpg

Tip: When you are editing some page, in underside of the page, there is a box with Gothic letters and characters, to use when the cursor is active, only with a click.
Edit tools box.jpg

Creating pages

The standard format to name pages is related below:

Titles format.jpg

To write some page in Unsaiklopedia, remember to write in both forms of Gothic language, in Latin alphabet and in Gothic alphabet, and this way, show both forms about some article. You can do it, using this form:

Templates transliteration.jpg

Tip: Remember to write his article in this parameter.

  • The link to Template:Anda - template to show article in Gothic alphabet.